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CSC 452 Fall 23

Russell Lewis
Ben Dicken

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Lecture: MW 2:00-3:15 pm - Sahuaro Hall 101


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Struggling? Advising (and Campus Health) have provided lists of contacts to help you if you (or your friend) are in need of counseling or help.


We will be using USLOSS (UNIX Software Library for Operating System Simulation) for our projects.

Documentation: projects/usloss-4.pdf


Source: projects/usloss-4.7.2.tgz

Where should you run USLOSS?

While it is possible to build and run USLOSS (and thus your project) on Mac and other UNIX-style environments, the only supported platform is Linux. You may run on:

To run on Docker, run the container (ideally, mounting a host volume at /root/YOUR_DIR_HERE). You will find that USLOSS is already installed for you, in the directory /root. See also: my document about how to install and run Docker: docker_intro.pdf

To run on Lectura, ssh to and install USLOSS in your home directory as listed in the Documentation.

Lecture Slides

Future Slide Decks (might change)

Office Hours

This Google Sheet has the current Office Hours schedule:

Office Hours will be offered in person. If an Instructor or TA has to move them online for a special circumstance, they will announce it on the class Discord server.

Online Office Hours can also be arranged, for special circumstances (such as illness). Contact an Instructor or TA to see if they have any time available.

Contacting Us

The best place to ask a question is on the Discord server. Please ask most of your questions there!

For all emails, please start the subject line of your email with:

so that we know what it's about.

We will have two 50-minute midterms, as well as a 2-hour Final. Tests will be held in the classroom.

Tests will be held on the following days:


Project Phases will be due at 5pm, typically on Wednesdays. All projects will be turned in through GradeScope.

Item Due Headers, Testcases, and other files Libraries
Phase 1 - Process Control Milestone 1a Wed 13 Sep phase1a.tar.gz libphase1-linux-x86_64.a
Milestone 1b Wed 20 Sep phase1b.tar.gz
Phase 2 - Mailboxes and Devices Wed 11 Oct phase2.tar.gz
more projects coming soon!
Redo Opportunity n/a n/a